Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stolen: 1927 Pierce-Arrow Roadster, Salt Lake City

A restored Pierce-Arrow roadster was stolen from a family residence just over a month ago in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Of course the car could be anywhere by now, shipped overseas, or even parted out, so please keep a sharp eye out at your local swap meets, in the trade papers, and even car shows in the event an unwitting new buyer was suckered into a fraudulent deal. In this economy it is not unheard of for antique cars to be sold to scrap yard by thieves who wrangled them simply for the value of the metal components having no idea of the true value of the cars.

The rare car features black fenders over a red/maroon body and was fitted with a cream-colored soft top when it was stolen. It could have been repainted, but usually a quickie job in instances of theft, so the original paint colors would likely be visible in some areas. Note the unique headlight shape where it is faired into the fender for easy recognition. The car has been with the family since 1963.

If you have any info please call the local Riverton, Utah Sheriff's Department at 801-254-0167

Here's the original new story via KSL News: Classic car Stolen From Family's Shed

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flirty New Benz Concept Gives Us the Eye

The Concept Style Coupe (or "Baby CLS" as it has come to be known) features one funky visual treat that we doubt will make it into production when the car hits dealerships later this year under it's expected moniker "CLA." The flirty eyelash-batting turn signal indicators are impressive and funky, but it's probably for the best that they won't appear on road going cars given the ultimate likelihood of costly repair at the hands of service techs when they eventually fail. We can also imagine a scenario where one lid remains permanently open giving the new cars a stroke-ridden fascia or reminiscent of 80's era cars pop-up headlight cars that suffered the common indecency of one lens permanently stalled open.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Space Shuttle Cockpit 3D View In HD Makes Us All Giggly Inside

Image capture via
 The sheer detail presented in this IMAX-rivaling image of the cockpit area of NASA's Discovery Orbiter (that's a "Space Shuttle" to you and I) will blow your mind into "billions and billions" of pieces.

With the recent decommissioning of the entire fleet, there isn't much need for secrecy or proprietary information on a spacecraft that was originally designed in the 1970's, albeit heavily retrofitted and updated as the decades worn on. What we do know, is that you can spend hours pretending to be Han Solo or Buck Rogers with this interactive image. The only thing better we can imagine would be sitting in the real thing, possibly moving at a high rate of speed, possibly firing laser weapons at aliens who looked at us funny.   CLICK HERE to view 3D Interactive Image

Remind Us Never to Travel to Isafjordur, Iceland by Airplane

This 2-minute video is proof positive of why pilots need to be paid by the sheer weight of their balls rather than a straight salary. The pilot of this IcelandAir plane makes a series of insane low level sweeps and pitches before putting his bird down in a flawless landing at Ísafjörður airport that even Shuttle pilots would envy.
Not exactly car-related, but it does have wheels and hey, did you see how close to that bridge he comes? :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mazda Rally Crash Hurts to Watch

Just like seeing somebody else get kicked in the nuts, this crash hurts so bad you actually feel it as a viewer. Thanks to SPEN for the heads-up on this one.

Why We're Giving Up On Formula-1: Bahraini Blood On Ecclestone's Hands

Last year FIA, the governing body of Formula-1 racing, cancelled the event after police forces in Bahrain killed 35-civilian protestors in an effort to cull quiet protestors who were taking part in the "Arab Spring" pro-democracy movement. You may recall that similar movements were successfully implemented in Egypt and Libya among others, and still ongoing in Syria where tens of thousands have been killed. Jalopnik's expose' on the millions of dollars being spent on truth-bending by the government in Bahrain sheds some detailed light on how and why Bernie Ecclestone and his crew approved the go-ahead for this year's race at the last possible moment. Well, now he has blood on his hands, well, more blood if you count the driver's who have been injured or died as a result of his often-mindless "spectacle before safety" decisions and regulations.

Today, outside an exhibit promoting this weekend's race, protestors were again assaulted, this time with flash grenades and rubber bullets. Sure it's a step down from lethal force, but these aren't party favors and are rightfully called "less-than-lethal" methods here in the US. So far 80 of approximately 200 protestors have been arrested to meet fates we can't even begin to imagine. Afterwards, in defiant ignorance, Ecclestone proclaimed Bahrain to be, "quiet and peaceful." This seems to counter statements by citizens like Nabeel Rajab who was quoted in a Guardian UK article, ""Quite often they beat me. Attack my family, attack with teargas, beat me up... we had four dead ducks in my garden because of the tear gas every day."

Enough is enough, we've made the personal decision that a few hours of entertainment every other week is not moral justification for supporting an organization that clearly has no regard for the sanctity of human life, and we're referring to Ecclestone and the FIA, not just the government of Bahrain. By taking money hand over fist the FIA has essentially placed it's not-so-subtle stamp of approval on the use of violence against the peaceful protestors.

"People here are getting killed, and with F1 here we feel like they are driving on our blood, on our bodies." -unnamed protestor via Huffington Post UK

One perhaps unforeseen advantage of the race actually continuing with worldwide coverage this Sunday is the fact that a massive, multi-billion dollar industry will shine it's spotlight on the region thus revealing the horrific anti-democracy acts for the whole world to see.

In the meantime, here's our not-so-subtle message to Bernie Ecclestone, Fuck you and fuck Formula-1, at least until you get your morals straight. We were really looking forward to Austin. Thanks dick.

Update: Bahrain Grand Prix; Thousands Demand Cancellation (BBC News)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Good Lord the New GL Looks Good

The next-gen Mercedes-Benz GL was unveiled today at the New York International Auto Show. While still maintaining it's futuristic G-class stance, it has absorbed the now-familiar wheel arches that are becoming part of the new MB design language, as well as some M-class front end styling cues including the ubiquitous DRL LED's built into the headlamps and the BMW X5-ish tail lamps. Everything in the updated vehicle is new with stunning Bentley style quilted seating surfaces and door cards, more elegant proportions than it's predecessor and room for all your rowdy posse, be they a pack of 8-year olds on their way to soccer practice or your beer buddies after a high-living tailgate session.


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