Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cars In the Park; Mercedes-Benz & BMW Edition

The Mercedes-Benz and BMW edition of "Cars In the Park" took place earlier today and featured some exceptional examples of the two storied automakers. The event is part of the hoopla surrounding the "Allure of the Automobile" exhibit at the Portland (Oregon) Art Museum, curated by former Petersen Museum director, Ken Gross, and "Sports Car Market" Publisher/TV Host and Portland resident, Keith Martin.

The park exhibition is free and features different themed vehicles every weekend through September 10th. Today the streets lining the park blocks were studded with the most extravagant and alluring of German motoring and included multiple examples of nearly every generation of SL from the eponymous 300SL roadster, 280SL, 190SL, the later R107 cars, a couple of R129's and a couple of shamelessly stunning 280SE coupes. Add in multiple BMW coupes in the vane of 850i, 635csi, M6 and more for a perfect day in the cool outdoor environment (Portland has thus far escaped the Heat Wave that is ravaging the rest of the country). A few very special GLAS BMW's were in attendance, a pitch perfect M1 (also widely known as being the model used for Andy Warhol's art car) and a 300SL Gullwing coupe.

"Cars In the Park" is generously sponsored by Watchworks Inc., probably the best place in Portland to source quality high-end vintage and contemporary wristwatches.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

You Should Never Mess with a Norwegian Man's Mercedes

In Norway, a would-be thief was confounded by the tractor-driving owner of the W210 Mercedes-Benz he was trying to steal. The owner used a forklift attachment to raise the front end off the ground enough so that the rear wheels couldn't gain traction, and held the vehicle in place long enough for the police to arrive. Notable is the car thief's attempts to squirm away by turning the steering wheel back and forth, clearly to no avail.

Sure the owner may have ended up trashing his own car in the process, but ahhh the feeling of taking down a bad guy must ease the pain somewhat... that and the fact that the guy will likely never have to pay for a drink out at a local bar ever again.
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