Friday, September 14, 2012

Finally! A Cheaper and Easier Way to Replicate Chrome

Jay Leno's Garage features both traditional methods of restoring our beloved vehicles as well as cutting-edge technology to assist when the going gets especially tough of costly, in fact it was on Jay's internet show for Big Dog Garage that I first found out about 3D printing new car parts a few years ago. Jay recently featured an innovative German who came up with a novel method to realistically coat metal parts to make them appear like chrome. No, this isn't the rattle can junk we always believe we can "will it" to look like chrome tho it never does, but rather the system borrows from mirror resurfacing technology to apply a thin coat of true metal material onto the surface in a process that looks almost magical to observe.

You will see in the above video that there is no need to worry about runs or drips, the stuff essentially lays itself on in the right way, dummy-proof. You do need to apply a clear coat to protect the finish, it would then be cared for just like any other painted surface would be making it less ideal for contact parts like bumpers, but for trim and interior bits it really looks to be an innovation on the rise.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mercedes-Benz CLA Spy Photos Reveal Undisguised Finished Car

Mercedes-Benz engineers were busy testing the new CLA (previously, Concept Style Coupe) in Iceland recently and failed to notice their every move being documented by one lucky amateur spy photographer. That's good news for Benz fanatics who have been anxiously awaiting the new, smaller architecture road cars from their favored marque since it means we get to see the road-going version of the car previewed at the Beijing Auto Show. The expected dominance of the A-class variants is vital to the future financial success of Mercedes-Benz, with it's competitors moving downmarket in an effort to tap fuel efficient and city-compatible vehicles that a more austere future requires. Mercedes intends to show that "small car" no longer needs to equal "entry level" with beautifully designed interiors, elegant body lines and lots of features to choose from for the ultimate customization experience the company is becoming known for. Expect Designo variants and possibly even a Black Series in years to come.

Full original article (translated to English) with more photos can be seen on der Spiegel here.
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