Sunday, November 10, 2013

Meet the Bastard Child of a Mercedes-Benz 540k and a G4 that has a 38-foot Turning Radius


The latest Captain America film is set to premier worldwide sometime in 2014 and that gave us cause to remember our favorite "character" from the first film, the menacing behemoth of an automobile driven by the Captain's nemesis, Red Skull. The car is a purely original design created by Daniel Simon (also the mind behind the grid vehicles from Tron: Legacy) who took only minimal direction from the Director and producers when designing what was described as the fastest car in the world within this fictional universe. Featuring a nose and tail inspired by the luxurious 540K roadster, mashed-up with the lumbering 3-axle G4 staff car for the middle section, and topped off with slit headlight masks as found on WWII military vehicles to evade enemy aircraft... this is not your grandfathers W123 diesel.

The car needed to be produced in full scale, not merely within a computer as graphics, so the 25-foot long beast was built up over a truck chassis, with the bodywork in fiberglass. The entire vehicle is motivated in the real world by a 700-hp Drexler engine (?), but it's imaginary stats sees it powered by a 16-cylinder aircraft engine (tho we count 18-exhaust ports). There is a non-functional Supercharger casing mounted to the front, much more of a Bentley Blower design cue than how Mercedes prepped their supercharged cars, but it works wonderfully on this car.

Personally we would just add a set of CocoMats, and hit the open roads; preferably long straight ones with no curves considering the excessive length of this monster Benz doppelgänger.

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