Thursday, March 7, 2013

Six Wheeled Behemoth G63 Blitzkriegs the Streets In 2013

Mercedes-Benz was once known for creating massive and durable military inspired vehicles like this one, but it's been decades since the world's oldest automaker has produced anything even remotely approaching those beasts of war. That changed this month when the modest and refined wild children of automotive design at AMG unleashed their newest and boldest offroader onto the world, tho identifying it by it's formal model name "AMG G63 6x6" makes one sound like a Rainman-esque mathematical savant or perhaps Data from Star Trek the Next Generation.

The new rig will feature all the standard (is there such a thing?) G-class amenities plus, well you know, more wheels! There is also a truck bed grafted onto the back in a sort of LM002 fashion, tho the 6x6 is definitely the more desirable Zombie Apocalypse vehicle of choice for the proletariat.

Austrian partner Magna Steyr, who has produced the Geländewagen for Mercedes-Benz since they first started honing them from solid blocks of granite with interiors stitched from Pterodactyl hides, will continue their fine work on the new model as well.

Check out these specs:
  • 37-inch wheels 
  • Torque split on a 30/40/30 basis among each axle
  • 52-degree approach angle
  • 45.5 inches longer, 8.9 inches wider and 10.7 inches taller than a regular-production G-Class
  • Forbes optimistically describes the fuel economy as "negligible" but the vehicle will carry dual fuel tanks to allow a  42-gallons capacity.
Compare the new 6x6 G63 to the "old" 6x6 G4, which would you choose? We will have the G4 please!

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