Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Obama Limo Officially More Embarrassing Than Bush Limo

 You may remember this post about President Obama's limousine getting hung up on an Embassy driveway in Dublin, Ireland a couple of years ago, and while that specific vehicle wasn't actually his ominously nicknamed ride "The Beast" it does call into question the practicality of such massive vehicles on State trips.

Today, the actual "The Beast" was sidelined when it encountered a problem two hours prior to the arrival of the President in Israel. Secret Service reps state they do not yet know what caused the breakdown, but it is speculated that the car was fueled improperly. Given that the specifications of the Presidential fleet are top secret we do not know if that means gasoline was put into a vehicle meant to run on diesel fuel, or vice versa, but whatever the case the vehicle was oddly and unceremoniously loaded onto the back of a flatbed and taken to a garage where it is being repaired.

Call us cynical perhaps, but we recall very clearly watching a television special about the Secret Service and how they must take incredibly specific and important measures to ensure the safety of the President and his vehicles. The show described how on overseas flights fuel for cars and aircraft is tested throughout the duration of the trip, sealed with a tamper-evident marking device and guarded throughout by a security team. We also cannot imagine the scene as described by the tow truck driver who claims that when he arrived to pick up the limo, only the Secret Service mechanic remained with the car, nobody else, as they loaded it and drove it through the streets of Israel on it's way to the repair shop. No military bases nearby that could handle the work? No agents left to guard the vehicle against prying eyes or sticky fingers? What about the individual who's job it was to fuel the vehicle, how does one make that mistake? We can only assume there is much more to this story that is being kept from our eyes for the sake of security, but c'mon, this doesn't really inspire confidence in the Secret Service does it? They are already in a bit of hot water over the South American Prostitution scandal and can ill afford any further public humiliations.

Heck, at least the breakdown didn't occur while the President was inside like what happened with President Bush during his 2007 visit to Rome, Italy.

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