Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Obama Limo That Got Stuck In Dublin Was Not "The Beast"

The Presidential limousine that got stuck while attempting to depart the US Embassy in Dublin, Ireland over the weekend was not the "The Beast" as has been widely reported but rather an older variation of the monstrous limo, similar to that used by George W. Bush. The limo being referred to in news reports over the last day as "The Beast" is actually a backup limo used to transport staff and often used as a decoy. While it is not unheard of for Obama to make use of these earlier limos on various State visits or while visiting far-flung cities around the US, it has also been reported by the Secret Service detail on duty that day that the President and First Lady were riding in another vehicle and used a different exit for their departure. The First Couple were on their way to a waiting helicopter to transport them to The President's ancestral home in County Offaly, Ireland.

Compare the images below and see if you can spot the differences between the Bush-era limo and the current Presidential transport, "The Beast". In person an easy giveaway is the sheer size of the Chevrolet Heavy-duty Truck-based limo, but styling cues such as the windshield surround, headlights, more angular fender flares, and a more simplified grille help differentiate "The Beast" from the other vehicles. On a side note, it is said that multiples of the current limousine were produced by GM so that the President will always have access to one or more at any given moment. The exact number of these highly customized cars, nor their price tag, has been publicly revealed.

The Bush-era limo high-centered at the US embassy in Dublin.

"The Beast" during Obama's inaugural parade.


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  1. I saw an article also teeling that this is the real Obama's limo. How long did it stuck in dubai? good thing the people didn't saw obama and there's a bunch of security guard protecting him.

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