Friday, August 17, 2012

PDX Adult Soap Box Derby is Saturday

Drunken legions of dare-doers have been rampaging down the slopes of our beloved metro-volcano, Mt. Tabor, since 1997 and the next installment of this mad mad mad mad race so happens to be tomorrow, Saturday August 18th, from 10am-4pm.

In case you've never attended, check out our coverage of last year's event for a rundown of what to expect. The first thing to remember however, is you never know what to expect when you're at a derby where teams are given creative license to reinvent the wheel in any manner, often consisting of pop culture icons, video game characters, and whatever happens to be in the news at the moment. Maybe we will get a Romney/Obama themed showdown or a Pussy Riot runabout this year!

The event is free to spectators and spreads out among much of Mt. Tabors green space as the cars start at the northern end of the park and follow the downhill ribbon of asphalt that rings the middle reservoir (#6) just east of SE 60th street. Neighborhood parking is ideal as you can get to any section of the track with ease once inside the park. There is an afterparty and other coordinated events, check the official site for full details. PDX Adult Soapbox Derby

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