Monday, August 27, 2018

Land Cruiser Owners- Making Oddball Vehicles Even Odder

Land Cruiser Owners- Making Oddball Vehicles Even Odder

-by Marrs

Update: I've added even more weird Cruisers!

If you have every gotten excited over any sort of offroad vehicle then you probably know exactly what the Toyota Land Cruiser is... the King of This Dirt Planet. The early generations of Land Cruisers were simple and indestructible, but as time and buyer tastes evolved Toyota had to up their game in terms of ride quality, interiors, and bells & whistles. This came about with the Lexus version of the 80-series, named the LX 450, which was coincidentally Lexus' first-ever SUV. Next came the 100-series, the first Land Cruiser that was arguably designed from the ground up with not only mudding and forging capabilities baked in, but also a high standard of luxury even in "base" form considering that the only real options were a sunroof and night vision. Lexus made an even more luxurious version of this rig called the LX 470 owing to it's 4.7 litre V8 shared with the Tundra pickup. By 2008 the 200-series (and LX 570) came onto the scene and improved the ride and overall luxury quotient by adding things like crawl assist and a center mounted cooler for beverages and cocaine.

Even with all of these electronic assists and unmatched offroad prowess, owners still discovered ways to "improve" on the classic rig. The limits of the human brain are few when it comes to vehicle modification so sit back, grab a high ABV beer to sooth the pain or perhaps to accelerate the joy, and enjoy all that is a custom Land Cruiser/Lexus LX.

(Full disclosure. I recently acquired a 2004 LX 470 and the joy of ownership has made me so giddy that Land Cruisers are literally all I can think about anymore. Friend: "Where do you want to go eat?"  Me: "Land Cruisers!" Friend: "Did you get tickets for the movie yet?" Me: "Land Cruisers!")

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