Friday, May 5, 2017

Mercedes-Benz Goes All Game of Thrones on their Two Door Lineup

Mercedes-Benz Goes All Game of Thrones on their Two Door Lineup
by Marrs

Mercedes-Benz is apparently seeking to fill in every last remaining product gap in their lineup based on their latest announcements for future vehicles, including some rather drastic changes to a few of our old favorites, and a total elimination of three popular model ranges. The two-door cars are our focus today, with big news concerning the iconic SL, the SLC, the AMG GT, and the S-class coupe and cabriolet.

The next generation Mercedes-Benz SL, due in 2020, will ride on the same platform as the AMG GT, said to be a lighter-weight configuration that will shed much-needed pounds on both models. While the AMG GT will retain it's present two-passenger setup, the classic SL will morph into a 2+2 configuration, something previously offered only with the somewhat half-assed, “child seats” option, but this time, will receive true, if still small, rear seats serving permanent butt-coddling duty for your favored traveling companions.

The SL, somewhat controversially, will surrender it's retractable hardtop and come fitted solely with a more traditional soft top. The retractable hardtop has become a Mercedes-Benz design staple since first appearing on the 1996 SLK roadster, and on SL’s starting in 2003 with the introduction of the R230 cars.

Speaking of the SLC, formerly the SLK, we hope you weren’t getting too attached to the spiritual successor to the classic 190 SL, because the entire model lineup has been discontinued for future production.

This slaughter of the topless model range doesn’t end there, the S-class coupe and cabriolet, which feel like they were only recently introduced themselves, will also disappear from the production lineup.

What can we predict this all means? Most likely, it signals the development of new models to fill gaps as the traditional model lines grow in size and weight. I’d imagine that we will begin to see the C-class grow closer to what the E-class used to be, while the A and B ranges likewise increase their proportions. The CLA will possibly receive coupe versions, and the C and E-class cars will field their own coupe and cabriolet models. We can see the S-class coupe/cab surviving as a Maybach product, or that car being replaced entirely by a new, specialized version that would serve as the ultimate flagship. The sedan segments will probably continue to reach towards larger “crossover” proportions, while also losing some of the traditionally “sedan-like” styling cues, and not to mention grilles and faces, as the brand continues it's technological march towards electrified and autonomous cars.

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