Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Car2Go Car Sharing Firm to Switch to Mercedes-Benz Vehicles

Car2Go Car Sharing Firm to Switch to Mercedes-Benz Vehicles
by Marrs

Daimler-owned car sharing company Car2Go will begin swapping out it's Smart-car fleet for Mercedes-Benz vehicles throughout 2017. The company hopes that by offering larger vehicles with more passenger space, in the form of Mercedes-Benz's 2017 model year CLA and GLA sedans and 5-door crossovers, that they will attract a new stream of customers, especially those with families who would benefit from the extra seats and storage capacity over the Smart fortwo cars currently available to customers.  The new Mercedes fleet will be introduced in cities including Portland, Seattle, Austin, Vancouver, Toronto, and Washington, D.C. before making the move to other locations.

Interestingly, Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver, Canada Car2Go locations have already been testing the popularity of Mercedes-Benz replacements by making a trial run with B-class vehicles. Additionally, Car2Go members will receive discounts on new Mercedes-Benz and Smart vehicles ranging between $500-$4,500 depending on model and dealer. This appears to be as much about getting potential new Mercedes-Benz customers behind the wheel of the new models, as much as it is about expanding the reach and perceived exclusivity of the Car2Go brand, especially when compared to similar car sharing projects backed by Audi and Cadillac.

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