Wednesday, November 27, 2013

You Will Love This One Off Aston Martin DB7-Based Zagato

Aston Martin offered two versions of it's DB7 that were reworked by the talented hands at Zagato, the DB7 Vantage Zagato in 2002 and the DB AR1 the following year, each in an edition of 99 cars with an additional one of each produced for the factory archives. What we have here is neither of those, but rather a fantastic homage to the bygone cars of Aston Martin, but with a twist, as this car is underpinned with the chassis from the DB7 like it's factory built cousins. The Evocation, as it is awkwardly named (do we expect anything less from British coachbuilders?), is arguably far more appealing wearing a skin reminiscent of the greatest of all AM customs, the legendary DB4 GT Zagato from 1960.

Evanta Motor Company in Hertfordshire, England, has been producing replica AMs since 1995 and chose the DB4 Zagato as a fitting tribute to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original. The new car features the optional V12, and retains the DB4 dash and seats coexisting with evident DB7 console and switchgear, but also features thoughtful and welcomed updates including A/C, airbags, and heated seats. The body shell too owes more to modern technology than old-world craftsmanship, tho there is plenty of both evident in the photos. It's made of carbon fiber and kevlar, finished in factory spec "Solent Silver" paint and underneath that sensuous cover is an ingenious bespoke tube chassis/unibody mash-up designed to sit atop the donor chassis while supporting the new body. The company indicates that customer commissioned models will feature made-to-measure pedal lengths and other modifications tailored to the new owner.

Be sure to have a poke around the Evanta Motor Company website for some more, truly amazing photos of their projects. I'll have one DB4 Barchetta please!

Photos © Richard Pardon
(His site is also a great place for a gearhead to spend some time.)

DB7 donor car above, tube frame work being done below.

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