Monday, June 3, 2013

Your Mechanic's Stethoscope is Outdated

A group of engineers in Korea have found a creative new way to diagnose engine problems, random rattles, and otherwise annoying sounds that emminate from within the innards of your Outback (or whatever car you drive).

The Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has developed a 4-lb handheld camera outfitted with 30 digital microphones paired to a high-definition lens to detect and diagnose the areas of an engine that are producing sounds. The device accomplishes this by displaying each range of frequency as a specific color, red is the most intense and blue would be the least. You can now peer deep inside the engine digitally using these color patters to figure out if your cam shaft is the culprit or if your neighbor's kitty is simply camping out for the night inside your air box.

The technology isn't limited to automotive applications of course and over time we're sure many types of businesses and industries could benefit. Will classrooms of the future have a digital classroom monitor so the teacher no longer has to ask, "who's talking in the back?" Or perhaps a ceiling mounter taser system could automatically dole out justice to movie theatre talkers.  Hmmmm, the future is bright indeed!

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