Saturday, June 22, 2013

Espresso Veloce is Your V-12 Bean Dream Come True

Most car folks love coffee. It's what fuels us to get up in the morning for that drive to meet the sunrise or to do a little bit of quick clean-up work before the local Cars and Coffee gathering. The team at South Africa's  Espresso Veloce recognized this symbiosis and engineered what they modestly describe as, "The most beautifully engineered espresso machine in the world." While we have seen a few that may give the EV a run for it's money in the looks department there is no more welcoming sight for a true gear head than seeing this thing warming up on your counter top.

The EV comes in three varieties, V8, V10 and V12 and they even offer a bespoke service where you can customize various elements such as choosing the color of the velocity stacks. We love the fine details like titanium exhaust pipes that are heat-treated to appear like you just ran a few laps at Monaco.

Some specs are included on the website like it's 68-lb shipping weight and the fact that an espresso can be readied in just 16-seconds from nailing the throttle hitting the start button. What is not revealed is the price of any of the machines, doubtless substantial in an "if you have to ask..." sort of way. We do know the machines will be limited to an edition of 500, we presume of each of the three styles. Some images also show cups machined to look like pistons but it is not noted if these actually come with the machine or are even available from the manufacturer, but they complement the piece perfectly. We also love the "crate" the EV arrives in, something we're reasonably certain won't be tossed in the recycle bin by most buyers.

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