Saturday, June 22, 2013

Driver Allen Simonsen Dies at LeMans

Dutch driver Allan Simonsen was killed a short time ago at the French 24-Hours of LeMans race. Information is still somewhat sparse but as of this writing is appears his Aston Martin went wide coming through the Tertre Rouge bend, loosing grip on the left side tires that left the pavement which spun him directly into the wall at nearly full racing speed. Commentators suggested that there was massive damage to the frame of the car indicated by the twisted roof panel.

Simonsen's death is the first fatality at the event since 1997 when Sebastien Enjolras died in a crash and resulting fire during pre-qualification runs, but the last death to occur during the actual race was back in 1986 when Jo Gartner hit a safety barrier at 160mph. Our condolences to the friends, family and teammates of Simonsen during this tragic moment in racing history. Simonsen was 34-years old.

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