Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Collector Car Price Tracker Helps You Make Best Buy

Keith Martin recently teamed up with eBay Motors to create the Collector Car Price Tracker, a stand alone database of real-world car values based on recent sales of virtually every automobile that exists, or at least every type that has been offered for sale on eBay.

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You already know Keith Martin for his Sports Car Market value guides and for being the co-host on "What's My Car Worth" so it was a natural pairing between the two automotive data powerhouses. The old-school Kelly's Blue Book and NADA guides have their fans and detractors, and surely this new service will too since it reflects what people have paid and we all know that most cars bought on eBay are never seen in person prior to purchase therefore leaving room for overvaluation in some cases.

Regardless, having one more tool in your box to get the best deal is never a bad thing.

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