Thursday, May 9, 2013

You Asked, We Listened: W111 Coupe Facebook Group

Portland, OR "Cars in the Park" 2011
 With the start of the warm-weather driving season upon us, we've been receiving an uptick of questions from W111 coupe owners mainly on the topics of fuel issues and how to bring their cars out of winter storage. Rather than continuing to answer questions only through one-on-one private email conversations, we decided to create the W111/W112 Coupe and Cabriolet group on Facebook so that other owners can join the conversation by asking questions, sharing tips and generally expanding the communal knowledge base for these finest of Mercedes-Benz automobiles.

Within the first 24-hours of going live we had already accumulated 15-members and enthusiasts. That's a great start and we look forward to seeing some familiar faces while making new friends as well. The group is free to join and you don't even need to own a Mercedes to be a member, we welcome all enthusiasts. Simply log in to your Facebook account, then navigate to our page and hit the "like" button, and you're a member!

W111 Cabriolet at Forest Grove Concours 2012

W111 Coupe at Forest Grove Concours 2012

W112 Cabriolet with sedan cousin in the foreground at the Forest Grove Concours 2012

Our MotoArigato Project Car in it's first test drive in October 2011. You know the rest!

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