Thursday, February 7, 2013

I Swear That Wasn't a Handicapped Space When I Parked There Your Honor

Hila Ben Baruch was going about her daily routine in Tel Aviv, Israel when she walked back to her car only to find it was no longer there. She didn't remember parking in the handicapped spot as the citation stated, but fortunately for her, a resident of the street where she parked had both a bird's eye view of her car and a video camera. They recorded a strange scene below simply because something just didn't seem right. In the embedded video, you can witness what a shocked and surprised Ben Baruch saw, that of municipal workers first painting a white border and wheelchair-seated figure indicating a handicapped space, then calling a tow truck to remove the car and impound it. City officials first refused to believe Ben Baruch until she surprised them with the damning evidence. Eventually her car was returned to her and the fine was overturned.

This all makes us ask... what kind of tow truck is that anyway? Seriously, would those work in US cities or is there potential for damage from this intriguing side-lift-and-load design?

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