Monday, February 4, 2013

Find Your Dream Car at Fantasy Junction

Photo © Fantasy Junction (
Fantasy Junction has been selling rare and incredibly desirable racing and sports cars out of Emeryville, California for approximately 35-years and according to their website they have, "enjoyed an outstanding worldwide reputation for integrity and knowledge in the collector car field. Many of the world's greatest sports cars have passed through our doors with both the buyers and sellers enjoying expert representation."  They have a varied selection of road and track cars from Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and more, but in the case of the latter, the dealer currently has on offer an incredibly rare and genuine 1973 Ferrari Daytona Spyder (365 GTB/4 serial # 16483) owned by former Soul Train host Don Cornelius. It is one of only 124 Daytona Spyders to have left the factory without their roof. Offered at $1,550,000 USD. 

We all know what a Ferrari Daytona looks like so instead of a gratuitous 3/4 view photo how about one of our favorite details on that model, the slender, delicate exterior door handle that explains to you through it's tactile seduction that you are in for an unforgettable experience.

Photo © Fantasy Junction (
If all of that wasn't enough to set your throttle foot twitching then step on over to their inventory page and start making your wish list.

Our favorite? That would be the 1953 Arnolt MG by Bertone with a supercharged 4-cylinder engine pictured above. Note that it is stored off-site should you attempt to beat us there with a check in hand.

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