Saturday, October 20, 2012

190 Global Charging Station Experts Can't be Wrong

The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) announced this week a standard connector plug they anticipate becoming the default design for home and on-the-road charging stations for electric vehicles. The J1772 (man I really miss the J1771) is the face of the future, if you, like us, believe the future holds masses of near-silent, pollution-less, and powerful electric cars buzzing about our roadways.

The SAE panel of experts was drawn up from "190 global experts from the automotive, charging equipment, utilities industries and national laboratories." Sounds good enough to me. The new charger will incorporate both AC and DC capabilities, and more dramatically, will reduce charging times from the current "enough to make you not buy an electric car" to a reasonable 20-minutes. Heck, that's about how long it takes to get noticed by a Home Depot employee.

I am already imagining the thousands of kids who will be scolded by their parents for pretending the pistol grip apparatus is Han Solo's blaster to the mailman's Greedo.

The next-generation model pictured below should speed charging times up to an impressive 4-seconds.

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