Thursday, June 28, 2012

Morgan Heir Drives a $40,000 Tricycle Across the Country

Monument Circle, Indianapolis, IN.  Photo: Charles Morgan

Charles Morgan is the head of Morgan Motor Company and grandson of H.F.S. Morgan who founded the storied marque 102-years ago. As part of the 2012 Gumball 3000 cross country race, he decided to travel with a lovely female companion the entire breadth of the country in a newly reissued $40,000 version of the 1911 Morgan 3-wheeler.

The story is one that will no doubt inspire you to perhaps venture beyond your road trip comfort zone this summer after you see the routes the duo traveled through America's biggest cities and across her more modest rural towns. From potentially life-threatening close calls in the middle of Death Valley to riotous parties in "dreadful nightclubs," it's a heck of a read. If he could pull off some of these adventures in what's essentially a tricycle with oversized motorbike tires, we're pretty confident you can make some memories of your own in that Subaru wagon out in the driveway.

Read the full story here: 3,500 miles in a Morgan 3 Wheeler

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