Tuesday, June 26, 2012

1927 "Lost Mercedes" Owned by One Family Since New to be Auctioned

Bonhams auction house does not deal in the mundane nor the ordinary when it comes to the provenance of automobiles chosen for their auctions. Nothing less than a single-family owned 1927 Mercedes Type S would do, in fact, for their upcoming September 15th auction at the Goodwood Revival.

The lightweight, fabric "sports tourer" bodywork was formed and fitted by coachbuilders Cadogan Motors of London on the as-supplied Mercedes-Benz 26/120/180 chassis with it's accompanying supercharger, or Kompressor as the motoring world so lovingly refers. The car was registered in 1928 after the modifications were complete, finding it's way into a family who's appreciation for such a fine motorcar would span decades. The car hasn't been on the road since the 1950's.

The car comes in wholly original and unrestored condition from it's stealthy "Battleship Grey" exterior down to it's well worn blue leather interior, and is estimated to bring in $2.3 million, tho that is simply a pre-sale estimate likely put in place to increase interest and give even the monied few the hopeful impression that they could, if the stars align, walk away with this beauty. The harsh reality may be even more costly to their portfolios when you consider that the last "S" series car offered at the Goodwood Revival in 2004, a 1929 Mercedes-Benz 710 SSK 27/180/250 Sports Two Seater, hammered at an astounding $6.5 million.


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