Friday, March 2, 2012

Justin Bieber Receives $100,000 Electric Car for 18th Birthday

Justin Bieber turned 18 yesterday and in addition to treating himself to TWO mansions at a cost of about $14-million dollars, the teen idol snagged what we think is an even cooler gift from his manager. Despite having a name that sounds like it belongs to a cartoon Nazi, manager Scooter Braun gifted his protege' with one of the first available examples of the all-electric Fisker Karma while on the set of the Ellen show. With a window sticker of $116,000 for the fully optioned version, he is now counted among the vehicle's other famous owners, Leonardo DiCaprio, Colin Powell, and Al Gore.

Don't feel too bad for the kid, he also has a Batman themed Cadillac CTS-V customized by West Coast Customs, and has been spotted in at least two Ferrari's, a matte black F430, and a California hardtop convertible that he doesn't own but did have a minor fender bender while piloting.

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