Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Quick Pick: Love It or Leave It?

This 1955 Jaguar XK150 with custom "estate" body went to auction at Bonham's in the UK last September but was a no-sale with an estimate of $50-60,000 USD. A resourceful gentleman by the name of Geoffrey Stevens had this vehicle created during the 1970's to accommodate his Labrador dogs, since a cramped sports car is no place for a pair of man's best friends. He had the back half of a Morris Minor Traveler grafted to the chassis of his too-tiny Jag. Customizations have always been best viewed through tolerant glasses, and this one is no exception, surely rising the ire of millions of cat-car fans 'round the globe, but there is still something humble and lovely going on here. What do you think, would you be proud to get your groceries in this noble steed or is this creation purely for the dogs?

See a few more custom Jag estate cars at this link: Station Wagon Forums  <---Yes, wagon forums exist!

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