Sunday, February 26, 2012

2013 S-class W222 Full Revealed In Spy Art

More info is coming out about the upcoming S-class replacement for the Mercedes-Benz's world-leading flagship. Recent spy shots have shown an even more revealing look at the eventual body structure, and we now know the car will feature a full width panorama top that will be an improvement over the current version. We also know there will be a slew of variants, everything from Pullman's to an S-class coupe (formerly the CL class) and for the very first time, that little line on the roof of your CL might actually be there for a reason because MB plans to offer a convertible coupe as well. Some have speculated on a full four door cabriolet like the Ocean Drive concept, but we have a hard time believing that one's going to make it into production.

The above image is an artist's representation of the car stark naked. We're glad to see the current CLS style droopy eyes that other sites have speculated don't seem to be in the cards, with slightly more vertical and aggressive lenses taking their place. This should be one mean beast, especially in AMG livery.

Artist rendition courtesy "Marrs" @


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  1. I'll stick with my '08 w221...flint gray....

    older is sometimes better....


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