Thursday, January 12, 2012

Need a Bright Red G-Class In a Hurry?

Mercedes-Benz created another memorable Christmas commercial for 2011, this one featuring Santa's garage filled to the brim with sleigh-red automobiles of every type and vintage. Featured vehicles included the SLS Gullwing & it's 300SL predecessor, a 280SE cabriolet, 190 Ponton, Formula 1 car, and a fiery G550. many of the cars were gathered from the private collections of lucky owners, while others were provided by the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Irvine, California. While it may not seem difficult to find an SL63 or a 190SL in classic touring car red, the commercial crew did have a problem on it's hands; the G550 isn't offered in red. Surely there is a customized or perhaps even a Designo edition G-class in the requisite color, but none were apparently feasible in the time before the commercial was to be filmed.

What does the world's oldest car company do when faced with such a logistical conundrum? They simply paint a car with removable finish called "peel coating." This process is largely used in automotive paint booths and other paint application facilities where removal of overspray is a part of regular maintenance and cleaning. The water-soluble "paint" film is brushed or sprayed on and left to dry, then any top coat can be applied, in this case, red body paint. Once the commercial was completed, the peel coat could be removed without causing any damage to the factory finish beneath. Kids today...

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