Friday, January 20, 2012

The Mighty 190!

Norway is the land of long, cold winters and dark days. You've got to find a way to keep your mind occupied so you don't go all Jack Torrance on the family, and this video shows us what a couple of car guys can do with a video camera, some spare time, and a "Mighty 190" as in 190e. The small sedan is known by it's chassis designation W201 to brand enthusiasts and was nicknamed the "Baby Benz" by consumers when it was first introduced in the US.

The creators of this video came up with some very clever lyrics that will appeal specifically to owners of the W201, tho I never thought I'd hear a rap song featuring rhyming about biodiesel.

How could you not enjoy a video that includes the lyrics:

"I seen the Fast and the Furious, let me tell ya man, 
They're all just a bunch of pu$$ies from Japan,
I'm always rolling smooth like a ball bearing,
It's the best in the world, it's German engineering."

NSFW due to mild language.

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