Friday, December 16, 2011

Papercraft 500K for Those Long Winter Nights

I don't know many people who would turn down a free Mercedes-Benz 500k, so here ya' go in the form of a papercraft model that you can build with a little glue, patience and some printer ink. I haven't built one myself, nor taken the time to read the instructions, so I'm assuming you glue this thing together, but if any of our readers takes on the challenge send us an email (using the contact form at the right) and we will feature your model on the site. This is also a great project for older kids who might get bored sitting around the house during the Holiday school break.

Visit this link to download the pattern & instructions. Be sure to check out the menu on the left side to see other papercraft vehicles and projects... I might have to give that Spirit of St. Louis model a try!
Papercraft Mercedes-Benz 500k

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