Thursday, September 1, 2011

Steve Jobs Magical Barcode License Plate Mystery Solved

For years now it seems every tech blog and random-ass news source has at one time or another posted an article revealing former Apple head Steve Job's "mysterious" license plate. You see, Job's SL55 AMG roadster sports a simple barcode where a license plate is normally found. The webisphereblogscape has been abuzz with speculation and theories ranging from the absurd ("California agreed to allow Jobs a special decal because his plates kept getting stolen") to the truly absurd ("It's a security measure") to the un-fucking-believably absurd ("Apple is working on new automobile/license plate designs that will change the world!"). Guess what ladies, none of that is true!

Every Mercedes-Benz in recent history has come with that same little sticker in the same location. It's printed with the VIN # next to a bar code and helps identify the individual car during the production process and also once it has shipped as a means of keeping track of the vehicle along it's route. Like many manufacturers today, Mercedes allows customers to track the production and delivery of their vehicles from day 1 until it's in your driveway. Some may find it confounding that, among the millions and millions of commuters who drive a Mercedes every day, only a few brave souls have chimed in to correct the abundant conspiracy theories. Why is this? Some would guess that many Mercedes owners have never had the need or motivation to see what's under their license plate. Why soil your hands when you can have someone else do it for you? More realistically, in many states, including California, the plate stays with the car when it's sold or transferred to another owner. Additionally, many Mercedes owners are brand loyalists and when they trade in their car for the newest model, the kind folks at the local dealership take care of all the plate changing and requisite ass kissing. Well folks, I am stepping forward, not only to break those Mercedes-Benz owner stereotypes, but to show you that anyone can have a Steve Job's style ride all for the price of an off-lease German motorcar. So go outside, pop off that rear tag and go for a drive around the block to experience the rush of living like a cultural demigod. Of course, you will be solely responsible for the tickets, fines and requisite driving classes that might reasonably face someone taking such actions.


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