Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Keep Portland Wheeled: Rare Porsche 420 Spotted On Hawthorne

The unofficial time coordinate of Portland, Oregon is 4:20, this much is well established and generally appreciated by it's residents. The green standard that Portland is well known for extends not only to it's wind turbine industry or it's strict policy-making that ensures initiatives like car-friendly saltless roads, but to the Green Goddess that so permeates the air with as much frequency as a misty morning (in a city commonly nicknamed "Cloud City").

The driver of this former 924 hits all the notes to woo the locals in a bicycle-centric town that somewhat reviles anything with an exhaust pipe... It not only speaks to the fuel efficiency martyrs who will appreciate the smaller engine this kid brother of the 944 sports, it also announces the owner's preference for "natural healing" in hand-taped text on the vehicle's bodywork. This would be an invitation to a YouTube-worthy beatdown by the local constabulary in most any city in America, yet in Portland the cops seem to not mind too terribly much so long as you can see over the top of your bong (some may cite you if the water hasn't been changed recently, public safety you understand).

The other option is, of course, that this is a street legal SCCA racer with sponsorship from a collective of gentlemen investors from south of the border who enjoy making homebuilt submarine trips up North for the occasional vintage event. Not very likely but how do you really know?

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