Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Mystery of the Ducati in the Livingroom

Deep in the heart of one of Portland, Oregon's upscale neighborhoods is a home for sale with a very intriguing feature. Stationed in the living room window like a sentinel, nay, a siren, is a delicious Ducati of a somewhat recent vintage, visible for anyone passing by to see and admire, the house itself outfitted with a combination lock for ease of real estate agent entry.

So what's the story man?
Is it there to lure prospective buyers by exhibiting it's owner's good taste? Is it included in the purchase price? Is it simply safer to store the bike in a highly visible location than tucked away in a garage, where it's theft wouldn't be noticed right away?

Tell us what you think and help us solve The Mystery of the Ducati in the Livingroom!

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