Saturday, April 2, 2011

VW Bullies North America with New Van Concept

The yellow VW camper vans of our parent's heyday, iconic in their lozenge like profile and thick with THC-laden smoke, was a defining image of the era.  The next great van from VW is however updated and better matched to these modern times, ready to spirit you off to the neighborhood cannabis club in record time, in cool air comfort, and free from honks of motorists anxious to get around you.

The Volkswagen Bulli has been exciting the loins of old hippies everywhere with it's retro-cool exterior styling reminiscent of the old vans but still remarkably current in their skillful interpretation.  The more years those former peaceniks pack onto the calendar means the slower they will likely be driving, but at least we can rest easy knowing that legions of grandchildren will be thankful for their automotive inheritance.  That day will not be reserved only for the spawn of Europeans, because VW's American President and CEO, Jonathan Browning, has made it clear that US dealers are extremely interested in such an intriguing new vehicle.

Check out the full report at Automobile Magazine:  VW CEO Wants Bulli for US Showrooms

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