Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ever Wonder How They Ship F1 Cars?

In the interest of maintaining Death Star-like security, most Formula 1 teams use their own proprietary shipping methods when shuttling cars between the various destinations around the globe.   Here we get a rare glimpse of what sort of specially prepared container is used for non-competition events such as car shows, special media events and the like.

Weighing in at 992-lbs the AMF type container is specially shaped and fitted to conform to the lower cargo area on jets such as 747, 777 and Airbus equipment.  While the container maintains an outward appearance to prevent prying eyes, it has been reinforced inside to protect the precious cargo resulting in a weight increase of nearly 200-lbs over the standard crate.

The transport company who created the special container explains, "The container is equipped with a removable forkliftable car platform. The car platform is taken out, placed in the warehouse and once the F1 car is rolled on and restrained, the platform is than again placed inside the container. After locking the platform into place, ensuring a proper restraint, the container and car are good to go."

The space beneath the vehicle can be used for storage of other goodies like the tires and hand jack as shown below.


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