Tuesday, April 5, 2011

M-class & AMG Vehicles Recalled over Faulty Cruise Control

Mercedes-Benz announced today that they will be recalling nearly 137,000 vehicles in the US & 50,000 in Germany for a faulty brake light switch that causes the cruise control to fail to disengage when the brakes are tapped.  Mercedes claims that steady pressure on the brakes, using the cruise control stalk, or traveling at a speed of 25-mph or less will still disengage the cruise control.

Vehicles included in the recall are 2000-2002 M-class SUV's and 2000-2004 AMG vehicles, tho what specific vehicles those may be was unclear.  Mercedes plans to begin recall repairs starting in about 6-months time in order to build a supply of necessary replacement parts, and owners will be notified by mail in just a few weeks.

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