Friday, April 8, 2011

Jaguar E-Type 50th Commemorated in Vintage Video

Below is a 3-minute film shot when the E-type was still new, gobbling up asphalt around the globe and causing penis-shaped envy among the masses.  It's easy to forget that when this car came out it was like an blast from the future, the lines and overall badassness of the new E-Type (XKE if you must) was at the time perceived as less penile and more elegant supercar, causing grown men to sell their own cars, homes, wives, and whatever else was necessary to begin living their dreams of British Secret Agent, at least while on the way to work at Woolworth.  Enzo Ferrari himself dubbed the E-Type "the most beautiful car in the world" upon it's debut.

Even tho the XK150 had served the company well as a descendent to the popular and stunning XK120 & XK140, the higher-ups knew they needed to turn things up to 11 with their next model.  The C-Type and D-Type racers had been winning races, awards and hearts so this super sleek bodywork naturally became inspiration for the new design.

Revealed to the public in March 1961 at the Geneva Motor Show to stunned silence by onlookers, but the press, thankfully, had much to say.  Reports flew across the wires announcing the new era of Jaguar design, and the rest is basically history.

The popularity of the car is well documented with nearly 40,000 Series I cars produced, just over 18,000 Series II, and 15,000 Series III made.  A dozen Lightweight E-Types with aluminum alloy bodies and components, and a single Low Drag Coupe were also built.

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