Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Funny, We Were Just Asking Ourselves "When Is Audi Going to Build a $7,000 Bicycle Made of Wood?"

Thankfully we don't have to wait any longer for the answer to that age-old question.

Audi is pairing with Renovo Hardwood Bicycles to prepare a series of "Duo" bikes in various colors and specifications.  There will be a City, Sport and Road version, each outfitted appropriately to the conditions they will be used in. 

In a press release Audi says, "Wood offers the smoothest ride of any bike frame material thanks to its superior ability to absorb shock and vibration. Since the weight per cubic inch of wood is about one-fourth the weight of aluminum, the duo is lighter than most bicycle frames, while offering equal or superior stiffness, durability, and toughness."  Hmm, so it seems the Ash-framed roadsters from Morgan were on to something decades ago.

The hand-made bikes feature innovative drive train components such as a belt drive, aluminum and carbon fiber components, disk brakes and LED lighting, as well as woods reminiscent of Audi vehicle interiors.

Prices range from $6,530-$7,460 depending on model and options.

Read the full press release over at Scarab Auctions

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