Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chrysler is Definiely Owned by the Same People As Ferrari

In a series of Ferrari-like escapades that involve fires erupting from their factory fresh vehicles, Chrysler and it's subsidiary brands has seen an extraordinary series of pyrotechnic events in recent days.

Consider the recall of Jeep Wranglers in China due to fires caused by the (???) automatic transmission and related components.  Then we have the story of the Dodge Durango that caught fire in a Washington DC area Cherry Blossom parade.  Finally, there's the interesting case of the Dodge Challenger that caught fire on the assembly line, supposedly from a heating fan being placed too close to the vehicle.  Makes you wonder why God hates Italians so much.

Jeep Recall in China
Durango Burns During Parade
Challenger Burns on Assembly Line

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