Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Eye on Design: the Audi Quattro Concept

The Audi Quattro concept revealed at this years Paris Motor Show would be mind blowingly handsome and likely sending us on a padded room vacation had we not been mentally prepped in advance by the luscious lines of the car it's loosely based upon, the RS5 Coupe, itself an upgrade on the subtle-sexy A5 Coupe.

What stands out most to the American eye is the sexy rear end.  With muscle car good looks utilizing a full body width taillight assembly that recalls the Dodge Challenger and flying buttresses that would be at home on a "Duke Boys" era Charger.  The stubby tail is less harmonious but the power inferred by the healthy haunches is amplified all the way up to 11 by the designers push both upward to a well defined crease and outward with it's massive flares.  Of course that tail falls in line with the design language of the earlier and original Quattro, and the proportions of that car find a home at the nose of this concept as well.

The front end styling makes this car your first choice when picking up Darth Vader from the airport, and features a dramatic historically-appropriate grille in the familiar Auto Union form, flanked on either side by secondary intakes poised like young Velociraptors to devour any air that may have otherwise escaped.  This is a car that would not look out of place in a movie set in the year 2020, yet it is so contemporary and timeless that it would easily find a home in Audi dealer showrooms right now.  The hockey stick shape the side intakes create coupled with the headlights gives you a suggestion of menace and speed, seemingly locking the car down to the road.  If I owned this car I would most likely line the back and side walls of my garage with mirrors so I could watch myself pull in and out like a car-obsessed Patrick Bateman.  Everything about the Quattro says "build me" and Audi certainly isn't foolish enough to let the momentum thrusting this car forward go to waste, the only questions are where and when?

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