Attention Chinese Diplomats, Get Your Volvos Here!

"I am really enjoying these very beneficial conditions, you?"
You probably remember how difficult car buying used to be back when you were a young Chinese diplomat just starting to make your way in the world. Man, those were the days huh? For those of you who still happen to be Chinese diplomats, you ended up in the right place and we are here to help!

Volvo apparently has a not-too-easily-found page on their website dedicated to their Chinese Diplomat Program. We especially appreciate the notation for each car reminding us that we can "Enjoy very special prices for Chinese diplomats."

Be sure to take advantage of the "very beneficial conditions" while they last:

"Thanks to a special agreement between the Chinese government and Volvo Car Corporation, Chinese Diplomats are able to enjoy very beneficial conditions when ordering a new Volvo. Purchasing a new Volvo as a Chinese diplomat is very easy, just follow the steps below."
Have a look around, pick your favorite model, and get the best deal for your Yuan that you can find!

"No, I'm very sorry, but I cannot let you see my Diplomatic skateboard."