2013 All British Field Meet: Review In Pictures

The All British Field Meet at Portland International Raceway is finishing up it's final day today with the extremely popular Swap Meet, but yesterday was arguably the most exciting day combining both races of historic autos coupled with the vast and always-impressive show field.

As expected, the usual suspects ranging from Ranges, Rovers, Rollers and the requisite picnic baskets replete with stereotypically "Brit" trimmings were there. Rows upon row upon row, like an army of faded Redcoats, lined the grassy avenues of what normally serves as event parking inside the gates, but with a turnout of quirky automobilia to rival even that of the Historics, the extra space was very much needed. 

One could take $2 Land/Range Rover adventure rides over a hilly dirt course built for motorbikes, or sample the fish & chips being served up to the appreciative masses, or perhaps studying technique of the artists who displayed at the art contest. If you ever considered joining a car club for your favored marque they were all in attendance with tents and info packets ready to lure you into their friendly and knowledgeable arms. 

We try to attend every large motoring event at PIR, especially those focused in some way on the vintage side of the hobby, and while the variety is greater at some of the other gatherings we feel this is the one we have the most fun at. The relaxed atmosphere and humor necessary to even consider owning a British automobile gives the ABFM a palpable air of "family and friends" even if you were to not know a single person upon entering, we would wager that you leave with a new circle of comrades.

(Photos: Marrs and Andrew Garcia)

Enjoy the full gallery of over 100 photos from the 2013 event. Please click "read more" below to view the full photo set.


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