Stolen! 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air in Woolsey, GA

Sometime early in the morning of Sunday July 28th, 2013 a thief or thieves made off with the beautiful 30-year pride and joy of a Woolsey, Georgia resident who would greatly appreciate your help in getting it back. The vehicle in question is a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air and it is believed to have gone missing in the early hours between 2:30-7am on that sad morning.

The photo shows two types of wheels because the owner was trying to figure out which set he preferred when the pics were taken, but the missing car was fitted with the set as shown on the rear wheels all the way around at the time it went missing. Of course the wheels could have been removed by now, the car could have received a rush respray job to hide it's origins, etc., so please be aware of anyone suddenly posting freshly painted parts, or parts for this specific vehicle who may not commonly deal in these parts or know much about them upon further questioning. That doesn't make someone a thief mind you, but it may be worth reporting if you have any suspicion the parts came from this (or any) stolen vehicle.

The owner asks that you contact him directly at 404-456-2113 with any information. You should not attempt to approach or apprehend any possible suspects but rather take as detailed notes as possible about where and when you saw the car and call the number above as soon as possible. We already know the power of the internet in solving these incredibly personal and violating crimes, so let's add another success story to the stack of recovered dream machines! The owner is apparently offering a $10,000 reward, but the feeling of helping reunite a fellow car lover with their cherished vintage ride would probably be even more compelling for many of us gear heads.