Video Details Creation and Design of 2013 S-Class

Pictured, S63 AMG courtesy MBUSA

"To us, perfection is an obligation."

This video (bottom of page) detailing the design, testing and engineering of the 2013 S-Class gives us a in-depth glimpse of the all-hands-on-deck manner in which Mercedes-Benz engineers it's flagship model. The sheer breadth of genius/madness that must be a pre-requisite for working in the development department is well evident as we see the lengths the storied company embraces, quite literally going to the ends of the world, to create what they claim is the most advanced, safest, innovative and most reliable car ever to come from the Mercedes-Benz factory.

Adding to the already impressive list of things the newest S-Class does exceedingly well is greatly improved fuel economy, standing at 37-mpg for the 6-cylinder gas/hybrid engine and an astonishing 53-mpg for the 4-cylinder BlueTEC hybrid.

New system stops the car in emergency situations.
 Interestingly, the video reveals that Daimler Chairman Dieter Zetsche arrives to work in both an S-Class and a Star Wars-style elevator pod, but rest assured both are likely quite necessary in order to manage the empire that has been the class leader for generations. How better to review the clones troopers/new models?

Senator Palpatine, err Chairman Zetsche arrives for an inspection.
Chairman Zetsche arrives at the Galactic Senate, dammit, we mean the development center.

Thumbs up all the way around!