Custom Saturn Coupe Makes Us Ask Why?

While walking with a friend through a busy upscale neighborhood in Portland, OR I was stopped in my tracks by a Fire Engine green/yellow car that made me think I was looking at a bad photoshop job before regaining my wits and realizing that I was actually still out and conscious in the real world. The car appears to be a sedan that was chopped down into a 2-seater coupe, and while the roofline appears to be a bit too short to offer a visually pleasing ratio, whoever did the work went so far as to lengthen the doors, something usually overlooked on these sorts of chop jobs.

The kick-up in the body line seems necessary and the cut line at the bottom of the rearmost pillar made me, at first, think they went full hardtop convertible on this bitch, before remembering that the Saturn sedan this was presumably based upon also had this trim piece.  It was in a gated parking lot so I was only able to capture the side and front, but seeing as how the nose didn't receive any special treatment I am guessing the rear stayed stock as well. In hindsight, I should have jumped the fence to get some images of the interior, I am curious how the door trim panels were managed and what's behind the seats.

As much as I thought I would be repulsed by this thing, I had to admire the skill it took to do something like this, even if a little herbal assistance from mother nature was likely required in the planning and design stages.

If I could ask the owner three questions about this build they would be:
1) Why, seriously why?
2) How much weight did you take out?
3) Doesn't that ride like hell on such a short wheelbase?


  1. unusual, but the sides look a little bit weird and slightly ugly


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