Mercedes-Benz W111 Fintail Coupe Shooting Brake Fantasy Car

The new CLS Shooting Brake surely can't have all the glory...

Once in a while you just need to sit back, have a nice cup of piping hot green tea and let your mind wander. When we find ourselves in this transcendental situation our brain inevitably wanders into the realm of "what if Mercedes built...?" so we plugged in our computational devices, stoked 'em with coal and randomly poked buttons with a Slim Jim meat stick until this popped out:

It's purely a fantasy car that has never been produced to our knowledge, but we think the elegant lines of the classic W111 coupe lends itself quite well to the treatment. Who knows, maybe one day we will find a donor car and make this flight of fancy a reality. The design is based on a standard wheelbase coupe with the only structural change being the addition of the elongated roof and associated glass in the rear and one pane on each side, the rest is OEM. The rear glass would retract into the tailgate, oh did I forget to mention the rear gate folds down making this the perfect beach/camping cruiser. You could even sleep in there.

Here's the weekend version.

Update: Here's an image that somebody posted a link to in the comments, thanks to the anonymous reader! It appears to be an photoshopped image done in the style of the era, but takes a more open-air concept than what I designed.





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