Gullwing Group 50th Anniversary Reunion Documented by Mercedes Heritage

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The Gullwing Group is a family of enthusiasts dedicated to owning, driving and preserving the fantastic 300 SL coupes and roadsters. Formed in 1961, the informal club of like-minded enthusiasts agreed to gather at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge for a photo shoot that none in attendance that day could have imagined would be repeated 50-years later, in the same spot, with many of the same vehicles, plus a few more added over those decades. The Gullwing Group today is comprised of over 600 members studding 22 countries with their automotive gems.

Mercedes Heritage was there to document this historic gathering of Gullwings in 2011 and thoughtfully presents this video for your envy enjoyment. See if you can spot any alloy-bodied specials or former race cars in the video!