Breaking News: 2014 W222 S-Class Spy Shots Revealed

Photo Mercedes-Benz USA
Exterior and interior photos of the 2014 S-Class from Mercedes-Benz were unveiled today well ahead of the car's official debut planned for May 15th. Judging by the license plates it will be known as the W222 in keeping with Mercedes' traditional in-house chassis designation system.

Jalopnik posted some images of the stunning new interior, but what we were really after was a glimpse of the sheetmetal to see how accurate our rendering from way back in February of 2012 was to the real thing. We think we came pretty close, including details like the sweeping CLS/CLA inspired side profile, the massive panorama top, and the front end details. The really good stuff seems to be all tucked inside, including new dual flat screens massive enough to make a drive-in theatre envious, advanced new front seats with 14 heated mechanical air bladders to simulate a hot stone massage, cloud storage for on-board computing needs, and heated armrests of course... the elbows of the truly wealthy deserve as much pampering as their rear end. 

Here's a gallery of all eleven exterior images of the 2014 S-Class courtesy of the folks over at Road & Track. Just click through to see them all or hit the thumbnail tab.