Will the Next Lamborghini be Designed by an Iranian College Student?

"Lamborghini Concept 2010" Photo courtesy and © Sajjad Soleymani
 Sajjad Soleymani builds cars, awesome cars... like the one pictured above. He's a designer not in steel or carbon fiber, but in vectors and digital layers. The car up top isn't real, it just computer graphics, but it could be right?

"Lamborghini Concept 2010 rear"  Photo courtesy and © Sajjad Soleymani
Sajjad says that when he was just three or four years old he began designing things, "but not with drawing, by making! Making things by rubbish all around our house, in streets, anywhere."  He started out of necessity remarking that his family had few toys for him to play with so he had to build toys from scrap materials including says Sajjad, "cars, bikes and even robots!" He learned that drawing his designs on paper takes less time than making them in three dimensions and decided college offered the promise that he could turn his gift for creative play into a lifelong career. The 19-tear old left home from Iran's second largest city, Mashhad, to seek his fortune and glory at the University of Tehran, College of Fine Arts.

While in college he made yet more revelations about himself,  understanding for the first time how wildly different his work was from that of his peers. "From there I learned my forms are not like any others, my friends call my forms Sajjadism. You can see them on my cars, planes, cutlery sets, even perfume bottles." He's not being immodest, It's true, at such a young age he has established his own identifiable design language, something many designers take a lifetime to gain.

"Volvo SS800 Concept"  Photo courtesy and © Sajjad Soleymani
I don't know about you, but I would slide naked down a firehouse pole wrapped with 40 grit sandpaper if it meant I got to see his cyborg zombie Volvo semi trailers on the highways of America. Hang a goblin head on the front and you're ready for a Maximum Overdrive remake.

In our exchange, Sajaad's enthusiasm came through clearly. He has a true passion for not only the art of the aesthetic but also a genuine love of cars. We hope there will be many more articles about Sajjad's work in the years to come. You can keep up with his designs on his page here: Coroflot Sajjad Soleymani