Plan Your Historic Portland Car Dealer Tour with Our Map

Packard Building located at 2320 NW Westover Rd, Portland, OR 97210
MotoArigato has created an interactive map that features several of the city's original automobile dealerships. Newly added locations include the Packard Building, Packard-Portland, Inc., Don Rasmussen Mercedes-Benz, Marks Motors Studebaker, Jim Fisher Volvo, Ron Tonkin Ferrari and Month Shelton Jaguar. The map will grow as we add more locations to check back often.

Click here to see map: Portland Historic Auto Dealers Tour

Don Rasmussen Co. in a period photo

A doggie day care now occupies the former Don Rasmussen building.

Please read each description as it will indicate if the business is still in operation as a dealership or if it has long since closed it's doors. You should be able to zoom in on the map, find directions from your home to the various locations pictured and all the other stuff maps do well these days. Also, as a disclaimer, please note that we cannot be responsible for your route or accuracy of the map so please do not cover your windshield with a tarp and blindly follow the map to your destination.