RicedExotics is Like Staring at a Car Wreck

Photo: RicedExotics.com

You know the feeling you get driving past an accident scene, you don't want to be morbid but you just have to look? Don't feel bad, it's human nature and we all do it, so go ahead and treat your dark side by visiting one of the most entertaining sites we've seen in a while, RicedExotics.com

You can treat yourself to everything from Burberry plaid wrapped Maserati Quattroportes to Swarovski bedazzled Benzes to failed custom jobs abandoned halfway through, such as the XJ6 pickup truck featured on their front page. The site sometimes makes errors about what was actually original equipment on some supercars, but that speaks more to the designers of the motoring exercises in excess than anything else. You can select from the list of exotics on the left side and indulge, but be warned, you may want to keep a waste can next to your computer just as you would if suffering through the stomach flu.