Carroll Shelby Dead at 89, Loved Big Titties

Carroll Shelby, racing driver, chili pro and mastermind behind the Cobra and Daytona Cobra Coupe among other ventures died of undisclosed causes Thursday night at a hospital in Dallas, TX near his home. Shelby received a kidney transplant in 1996 and a heart transplant in 1990. His heart condition was long-standing and he even competed in the 1959 LeMans with nitroglycerin pills held beneath his tongue. If Jalopnik's presumption is to believed, it is possible the great motor master died because he just loved those "big ol titties."

We could write a book here about the man and his accomplishments, but most of you already know him for one, the other, or a dozen of them, so we'll just say thanks for the ride and Godspeed.

Photo: Jaydec at en.wikipedia